Rita Krakower Margolis

of blessed memory

Embodying the values and traits of the Jewish woman

Rita Krakower Margolis, of blessed memory, was a special person. It is fitting that she is being honored by the JWRP as she truly embodied the values and traits of the Jewish woman. She was good and kind and loving to her friends, family, and community. She was content with her lot and never maligned others. Her home was welcoming and full of warmth. Stylish, with a flair for fashion, she was beautiful inside and out. I always describe her as regal.

Rita was an accomplished sculptress, photographer, and a passionate genealogist. She researched extensively her lineage on both sides of her family as well as our father’s family, excitedly making discoveries and connections. She loved nature and the outdoors, and would often take her grandchildren for “nature walks,” picking up bugs, leaves, and bones. She was curious about everything and took classes on a variety of topics.

My parents’ relationship with the JWRP was initially one of convenience. For many years, on Shabbat, my father walked to Magen David Congregation on the corner of Tilden Lane and Old Georgetown Road in Rockville, Maryland.  When the building was sold to Aish HaTorah, my father started to walk there for services. My mother would often go with him. During services, she would listen to lectures by a woman named Lori Palatnik. She really enjoyed them and would frequently call me in Indiana and tell me how wonderful she was and how much I would like her. I responded to her enthusiasm as any child young or old would, with polite skepticism.

Eventually I found my way to one of Lori’s talks. What can I say, she had me at Shabbat Shalom. My mother was right. Since that time, my family has been very involved with the JWRP, an organization we all deeply believe in.

Several years before my mother died, my brother came up with the idea to interview my parents on video. At the end of the interview, when asked how she wanted to be remembered, my mother said without missing a beat, “as a good person.”

On behalf of my father, my brother and sister, and Rita’s nine grandchildren, we thank the JWRP for honoring our mother and it is our hope that the users of this site keep learning and growing in her merit.

Judith Margolis Friedman
September 2014