Ruth Baars

Ruth joined the JWRP in 2009 bringing 25 years of experience in Jewish Outreach as an educator, a Manager of Outreach projects, a certified Life Coach, and a counselor. Ruth’s style is to illuminate Jewish ideas to inspire people to grow and strive toward their potential. Ruth directs JWRP Programs and works with JWRP Partner Organizations and Leaders to maximize their talent and effectiveness.

Ruth grew up in Los Angeles, CA, where she received a Bachelor of Arts degree in Economics from the University of California, Los Angeles. She also studied at EYAHT College of Jewish Studies in Jerusalem. While Ruth was in college, she directed the North American activity for Aish HaTorah’s first Jerusalem Fellowships program in 1988. While in Los Angeles, Ruth directed a Family Violence program for Jewish Women.

She and her British-born husband, Rabbi Stephen Baars, moved to Washington, DC, in 1992 to direct Aish Washington. Ruth and her husband have presented marriage and parenting seminars for many years across the US and in the UK. They have seven children, ages 10 to 26, and two grandchildren.