Update From Atlanta – We Are Inspired!



On Oct 23rd, 2017 Atlanta JWRP Men will begin its third trip.

The trip has become a very inspiring annual event with many enthusiastic past participants and lots of people looking to join the next one.

This year, we are bringing our largest group ever – 19 men!

The trip has become a journey of friendship, learning, growing and connecting with Jews, locals & beyond.

Personally, each trip is meaningful for me as new and beautiful relationships are built around our shared Jewish life. 

I would like to share a letter written by an upcoming participant on Octobers trip:

In the summer of 2002, my wife Marnie and I decided it would be nice to host an Israeli camp counselor for the summer for Camp Chai, a JCC camp here in East Cobb, Georgia. Little did we know how much this decision would influence our family. Over the next three summers, we continued to host Israeli camp counselors (Shlichim) for the JCC camp, and then subsequently met and hosted Israelis from Camp Ramah Darom and Camp Judaea. The cultural change that occurred in our home set us on a course to not only visit Israel but to become advocates of Israeli culture, the land of Israel, the language, and of course the people. In fact, we consider “our Israelis” part of our extended family, and keep in touch with them regularly.

Upon learning about JWRP, Marnie jumped at the opportunity to get involved in classes, events, and ultimately the Women’s Momentum Trip. As an 8-year veteran of the Melton program here in Atlanta, my wife’s knowledge of the Hebrew bible and Jewish customs and traditions seems to be never ending. The trip added so much more, though, to her level of spirituality. The next year she was asked to be a madricha and went yet again with JWRP. The children, graduates of Jewish Day school, life-long Jewish campers, and active participants in USY youth group and synagogue have strong Jewish identities… Strengthened by us as parents as we continue to deepen our Jewish knowledge and spirituality. 

In just a few weeks I will have the opportunity to spend time with the men of JWRP, creating yet another experience to further connect me with the land of Israel. The only difference is that I will be with a group of all men looking for a shared experience. At the very least, we want to catch up to our wives! I will arrive three days before the Momentum trip begins. I will meet with some old friends, one being one of our first shlichim, her husband, and two children. Her mother and father will also not miss the opportunity to sit at the Renaissance hotel in Tel Aviv and sip some coffee with me, or to take a short stroll on the beach toward Jaffa. Words cannot describe the excitement and anticipation that I feel to be in Israel with the JWRP Men’s Trip, creating new experiences, deepening my spirituality, and further learning about the land that welcomes us home.

Looking forward to continued inspiration.

Netanel Friedman, City Leader

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