The Spiritual Journey of a Lifetime


We had only been in Israel for eight hours, but I knew I was home.

I came on this trip with no expectations, looking only to better myself and learn to enhance our Jewish home. Our trip was part of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), an international movement that brings thousands of women per year to Israel on an amazing eight-day tour and learning experience. The KC Kollel is one of many partners to the umbrella organization, and 10 women from KC, led by Gevura Davis, were part of the 200-strong trip.

Our trip started at Decks in Tiberius overlooking the Sea of Gallilee where the food was delicious. As we were just finishing our meal, news came through of the tragic murders of the three kidnapped boys. The room went silent and the gasps could be heard from moms who were feeling the pain of the three mothers and their families. Tears were flowing from sadness and smiles turned to frowns. There would be no dancing that night to celebrate our first night in Israel. Just 200 women holding each other singing “Oseh Shalom,” asking that there be peace.

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