The San Diego Jewish Journal reports: JWRP “adds another dimension…”


Jewish Women, Stress and a Trip to Israel

"That phrase – “the Birthright for (insert noun here)” has become increasingly popular these days. There’s “Birthright for Honeymooners,” “Birthright for Older Adults,” “Birthright for Gays.” It was only a matter of time before “Birthright for Jewish Women, preferably those who are not Shomer Shabbat” came along. Given the pop-culture familiarity that Birthright has achieved for the young among us, it makes sense that the short cut would catch on. What it means, in case you’ve been under a rock for the past 10 years, is that there may be a free trip to Israel in your future, if you meet the qualifications determined by each individual trip. The trips aren’t all free in the same way that Birthright is free, and the structure varies slightly, but the basic idea is the same – put Jews on a bus and drive them around Israel and a deeper connection to the homeland will grow naturally from there…"

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