Right in Front of You By Jodi Samuels, Manhattan, NY


For the last few months I have encountered an interesting business challenge. I devoted so much head space to thinking what changed in the market. In addition I did hours of research. It simply did not make sense why this established business was suddenly having challenges.

This week a client asked me a question and I suddenly realized where the issue was.  My entire body shuddered in disbelief. The answer was as simple as one plus one. It was so simple that I missed the obvious that was right in front of me.  What a waste of my time, bandwidth and business opportunity.

How many of us live our lives trying to fix our worlds – our marriages, family relations or jobs. We compare, research, explore opportunities and often end up frustrated yet the solution is often so close.  

My business challenge made me stop to take time and use a new set of eyes to approach my problems. Instead of thinking big I need to look at clues in my environment. I often imagine if I won the lotto what I would do but instead of imagining I am looking at my husband and kids and seeing the winnings. Instead of only planning for the future I am focusing on enjoying the present, instead of searching for better and bigger, I am trying to appreciate what is in front of me. 

A few minutes after my bingo moment I saw a Facebook post that so succinctly summed up the answer to my question:

“All that a man achieves and all that he fails to achieve is the direct result of his own inner thoughts.” James Allen

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