Revisit, Reboot and Redirect by Aviva Meshwork


The power went out in our house the other day. It was around 6:30pm and we were in the throws of our evening routine.  All that I had previously set in motion had come to a jolting halt.  The washing machine stopped and the dishwasher, too.  The computers went down, the chargers ceased their charging and every single light went out.  I, being the oh-so perceptive person that I am, immediately called down to my husband, telling him that the power had gone out.  Seems like he noticed it too because he was wandering in the dark to the electrical panel to see if a fuse had gone out, and indeed it had.  So, with the flip of a switch, the power was restored in the house again.  Phew!  With the lights back on, the laundry machines working again and the computers rebooting, life was back to normal and business could carry on as intended.

Prior to the power going out, I had a clear picture of the evening’s coming events. Homework, dinner, switch over the laundry, bath, books, hang out with the family a bit, and eventually off to bed. I had my regular evening goals, albeit not massive ones, that I wanted to achieve and a plan towards attaining them. And then the lights went out.  Even if for just a few moments, my intentionality was pushed aside and I became distracted by the absence of the energy source.  I was so grateful when my husband eventually rebooted the panel and I could carry on with my evening as planned. 

Then I had a thought!  The rebooting of the power source is a great metaphor for where we are today.  It’s a stretch, but here I go….

Most of the world is getting ready to embark on a fresh new start with the coming of the new year in just a few days.  Every year at this time, so many pledge to eat less, pray more and love better — or something like that — as people make their new year’s resolution lists.  New Year’s is essentially an invitation to most of the world to reflect on the past year and resolve to make improvements in the coming one. 

Jewish people have already gone through this procedure a few months ago when we ushered in our own new year during the holiday of Rosh Hashanah.  The process of reflecting on ourselves within the context of the year gone by, together with resolving to do better in the year ahead has come and gone.  Don’t you just love being ahead of the game?

Nevertheless, it is hard to ignore that January 1st, 2017 is right around the corner, and while it may not be our official new year, it is still a date that holds some significance.  We may not need to use this time to create new resolutions, but rather, we can optimize it by revisiting the ones that we previously created a few short months ago. It is indeed possible that our good intentions have been directed away from our Rosh Hashanah resolutions while living out our daily grind during the cold winter months.  Therefore our resolutions may be in need of a reboot.

There is little doubt that you were sincere in your desire to strive for a better year, but it is entirely possible that you need to check in with your list in order to make certain that you are on the right track.  To quote from Abraham Lincoln, "Always bear in mind that your own resolution to succeed is more important than any other."

So, if this sounds like it is something that has happened to you, then maybe it is time to Revisit (the list), Reboot (your resolve) and Redirect (yourself) towards your sincere resolutions that you committed to a while back. 

Aviva Meshwork is a Trip Director for the JWRP. Originally from Toronto, she now lives in Israel with her husband and children.

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