JWRP Sister Spotlight: Sharron Laizerovich



Sharron Laizerovich is a wife, mother of three children, trained clinical social worker, travel agent, and JWRP sister. A few weeks ago, she celebrated her oldest son’s Bar Mitzvah at the Kotel. In attendance were her MOMentum Trip tour guide, who transformed the Bar Mitzvah from a dream into a reality, as well as Rabbi Zakon, who runs DATA of Plano, the organization that hosted Sharron’s and her husband’s Momentum Trips to Israel. Sharron shared what led her to celebrate her son’s Bar Mitzvah in Jerusalem, as well how she and her husband have brought a love of Judaism into their home. 

What inspired you to travel to Israel with the JWRP?

I never had the opportunity to travel to Israel on a teen tour or Birthright, so I didn’t know the nuances about Israel’s many sites. I wanted to participate in a MOMentum Trip so that I could see it all for myself and bring everything I’d learn back to my children. 

How did your MOMentum experience impact you?

Experiencing Israel with a close group of friends was incredible. When we see each other in Plano, we often talk about our kids. But in Israel, we were also able to discuss ourselves and what we want from life. I also loved celebrating Shabbat in Jerusalem. When I returned home, I told my husband about my experience, and we decided that he should participate in a MoMENtum Trip, too, so that we could really bring these lessons home to our kids. We slowly started intermingling new Jewish traditions into our lives. Instead of saying that we have no time for them, we made a decision to make them a part of our lives. Now, we celebrate Shabbat at home every week. 

Why did you decide to host your son’s Bar Mitzvah in Israel? What were some of the highlights? 

When my son, Benjamin, saw my husband and I return from Israel so spiritually inspired, he decided that he wanted to feel that connection to Israel, too. Patrick Amar, who was the tour guide on both my husband’s and my Momentum Trips, helped us plan the trip — from booking musicians to creating a tour of Jerusalem’s Old City to planning our post-Bar Mitzvah party at a restaurant in Mamilla. We also flew in Rabbi Zakon, our amazing rabbi and close family friend, to officiate. The Bar Mitzvah took place at the Kotel and seeing four generations of men from our family, including his great-grandfather, surrounding Benjamin was extraordinary. His great-grandfather is also a Holocaust survivor, and one of the most priceless moments was watching him have an Aliyah at Benjamin’s Bar Mitzvah. Seeing my son put on his tallit and tefillin for the first time at the Kotel, a spot of pure spirituality and holiness, was breathtaking, too. 

How have you brought your love of Judaism and Israel home to your children? 

When I returned from my MOMentum Trip, it took a while for me to digest everything. Then, my husband traveled to Israel with the JWRP, and then we slowly started to make what we’d learned a part of our lives. One day, I turned to my kids, and said, “Let’s make challah.” They were amazed that I knew how to do that. We started off by bringing simple practices to our home, and then we began to speak about Judaism, spirituality, and Israel more. The following summer, we planned a family trip to Israel, and I was able to share my knowledge about Israel with my children. As part of our Momentum experiences, my husband and I began attending Jewish classes with Rabbi Zakon, which inspired our sons to study with Rabbi Zakon, as well. The impact of our trip did not end when we returned home. It’s only grown greater and greater. 


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