JWRP Sister Spotlight: Randi Sadugor



JWRP Sister Spotlight: Randi Sadugor

During one MOMentum Trip to Israel, a group of JWRP sisters from the Washington, DC area felt inspired to take action. Empowered by their sisterhood, they decided to take on leadership roles in the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington, and to see the impact of its global work. Together with JWRP Board Members, JWRP sisters took initiative and planned a women’s trip to Russia through the Jewish Federation. There, they met with the very people whose lives they were enriching, and even reconnected with their JWRP sisters in Moscow and St. Petersburg. In Russia, thousands of miles from home, the JWRP sisters truly felt like they were a part of a global movement that was changing themselves, their families, their communities, and the world.

Only a day after her return, we spoke with Randi Sadugor, a JWRP sister who helped organize the trip, about her JWRP sisters’ meaningful experience in Russia. 

What were the goals of the Jewish Federation’s trip to Russia?

The trip focused on fact-finding, sightseeing, community building, and inspiring women. We wanted to explore the Jewish communities of Moscow and St. Petersburg, see how people live, and understand some of their needs. We also wanted to see how Lion of Judah donors to the Jewish Federation of Greater Washington could make a difference around the world. After our MOMentum Trip to Israel, we were looking forward to celebrating our Jewish sisterhood once again, and making an impact as a global movement. 

What were some of the trip highlights?

Everyday was fully packed, and we loved seeing our work in action. We had the opportunity to visit the homes of elderly clients of the American Jewish Joint Distribution Committee (JDC), visit the YESOD Jewish Community Center, and meet teenagers and young adults who had only recently discovered that they were Jewish and are now incorporating Judaism into their lives. We met with an elderly man who had experienced many health issues, and was so thankful for the support that our Jewish brothers and sisters from across the world were able to provide him. We saw how young leaders were helping to revitalize Jewish life. One evening, we even attended a ballet! 

Some of the most emotional experiences were our reunions with our JWRP sisters in Moscow and St. Petersburg. Though we communicated through translators, we truly understood one another. We had shared a life-changing experience in Israel, and are now sisters for life. 

Tell us about an exciting outcome of the trip.

During the trip, an anonymous donor donated $5,000 to be allocated to any Jewish communal organization in Russia. It spurred a wonderful discussion among us about the institutions that contributed most to our Jewish identities. At a follow-up meeting, we will decide where to donate the money. 

What advice would you give to JWRP sisters who want to take on leadership roles in their community?

Just start. Take one step at a time and opportunities will open up for you. When I was younger, I was a leader, but once I had kids, I became too busy to take on big leadership roles. Running this trip to Russia was a whole new level of leadership for me. It was intense and I loved every minute of it. My MOMentum experience lit a fire in me, and my JWRP sisters have helped me kindle it — from Washington, DC to Jerusalem to Moscow. 

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