JWRP Sister Spotlight: Kathy Eshaghzadeh


Kathy Eshaghzadeh is a wife, mother, grandmother, JWRP sister, and the New York president of Kfar Yeladim David (KYD), a home for orphans and children from broken homes in Israel. When Kathy first visited KYD during a MOMentum Trip in 2011, she was inspired to make a difference. This year, Kathy organized KYD’s seventh annual fundraiser, and invited Lori Palatnik to give the keynote address. The dinner raised $100,000 for the KYD children. We spoke to Kathy about leadership and responsibility. 

Why did you decide to participate in a MOMentum Trip to Israel?

When I learned that the JWRP offered a trip for mothers to travel to Israel together, I knew that it would enable me to experience Israel in a completely new way.

Why was your first visit to the KYD children’s home so impactful?

We were only there for two to three hours, but meeting the children really touched me. At the time, my oldest daughter was pregnant with her first child, and I was about to become a grandmother. I knew that I needed to help the KYD children. Also, I was never able to serve in the Israeli Army, and Kfar Yeladim David offered me the chance to make a meaningful contribution to Israel. 

Tell us about your work on behalf of Kfar Yeladim David.

In February 2012, a few months after I returned from my MOMentum Trip, I hosted my first fundraising event for KYD. It was a success, and I created KYD’s annual gala dinner. Today, more than 50 people in my community sponsor children who live at KYD, which means that they help support them financially, send them presents and birthday cards, and keep in close touch with them. Last year, my community sponsored the wedding of a young woman who grew up in KYD. 

My 13-year-old daughter is also passionate about supporting KYD. She raises money for KYD through bake sales and lemonade stands, and has gotten her friends from school involved in the organization, too. It’s beautiful to see her taking on this type of leadership at such a young age. 

How has JWRP impacted your leadership work? 

The JWRP opened the door for me to make a difference for KYD, and it changed my life. Lori Palatnik taught me how important it is to take responsibility through my actions. She has positively impacted so many women, and she has been a true role model for me. 

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