JWRP Sister Spotlight: Jael Toledo



Jael Toledo is a wife, mother, JWRP sister, family therapist, motivational speaker, and the author of Who The @#$%! Am I?,  an interactive book that motivates women to discover who they really are and to fight for their dreams. We spoke to Jael hours before she boarded a flight from Miami to Mexico, where she will be presenting her inspiring words at a conference for women. Jael shared with us her advice for finding purpose and empowerment in our daily lives. 

Why did you decide to travel to Israel with the JWRP?

To be honest, I wanted some time for myself, to be with friends, and to experience Israel again. I love to learn, and I thought the Jewish leadership component sounded appealing, too. But, the trip was not at all what I expected. It was 20,000 times better.

How did MOMentum impact you?

Every moment of the trip provided us with opportunities for self-exploration. I asked myself, how am I changing the world? How am I connecting with Judaism? Who am I? How can I inspire others? I saw that Judaism could change my perspective about life, and I saw how much power we have as women to change ourselves, our families, and the world. The JWRP gives women the rare chance to reinvent themselves. When I returned home, I felt more inspired than ever to help others. 

As a motivational speaker and therapist, what is the first thing you advise women who want to make big changes in their lives?

I advise women to set out to discover who they really are by exploring some big questions: Who are you? What do you like to do? How do you like to help others? What are your talents? What makes you feel like you’re living a purposeful life? These answers are very different for everyone. We know when we feel a void inside of us that something isn’t right. We need to find out what can fill that void. Then, we can live happy and purposeful lives.

What are your tips for empowering yourself every day?

Helping people empowers me. You don’t need to change someone’s world. But just listening to someone without judgment, lending someone a hand, or making someone smile can make all the difference in their lives. And when you help someone, you’ll feel wonderful.


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