Choosing to Lead for Israel: JWRP Sisters at AIPAC Policy Conference



For many years, Amanda Jones supported Israel, but she did so from afar. “I was afraid to go,” she said. “But at some point, I decided that I couldn’t fully support Israel without actually visiting.” She wanted to travel to Israel for the first time with MOMentum, but there were no trips in her area.

So, together with her friend, Stacey Freeman, she launched Jewish Mothers and Children, a Partner Organization in Livingston, New Jersey, recruited nine participants, and experienced Israel for the first time as a JWRP City Leader.

This year, Amanda Jones has taken on yet another leadership position — as co-chair of the JWRP AIPAC Committee. The Policy Conference’s theme is “Choose to Lead,” and Amanda is a great example of a JWRP sister who is taking action and stepping up to make a difference for Israel.

Each year, JWRP sisters flock to the AIPAC Policy Conference, excited to spend three days alongside thousands of people who support Israel, hear top experts’ and policymakers’ regional insights, and lobby American politicians on behalf of the Jewish homeland.

At this year’s Policy Conference, the JWRP will have an official presence. Founding Director Lori Palatnik will share two inspiring lectures at the pre-conference Shabbaton: "United We Stand: How Unity Without Uniformity Could Be the Answer to a Stronger Israel" and "Israel’s Original Iron Dome: From Queen Esther to the Sea, In Whose Hands Does Our Salvation Depend Upon?" During the conference, the JWRP will host an evening reception in partnership with the Israeli American Council (IAC). Media Magnets participant Erin Schrode will also be speaking during the conference. 

For Lynn Oves, this Policy Conference will be her twelfth and she is thrilled that so many of her JWRP sisters will be there, too. “The Policy Conference is an infusion of all of the ingredients that strengthen me as an individual and make me a strong Jewish woman who supports Israel,” she said.

A unifying and empowering event, AIPAC Policy Conference gives Lynn the opportunity to meet with elected officials from across the political spectrum and educate them about the importance of a strong U.S.-Israel relationship. “AIPAC has showed me that we, as individuals, can help determine policies for Israel. We, as women, can have a strong voice,” said Lynn.

With a constant stream of speakers focused on Israel’s many facets — from United States Ambassador to the United Nations Nikki Haley to Times of Israel Founding Editor David Horovitz to Founder and CEO of Innovation: Africa Sivan Ya'ari; demonstrations showcasing Israeli innovations; and face-to-face meetings with members of Congress, AIPAC Policy Conference is like a three-day festival for Israel supporters.

“Israel’s existence is key to the Jewish people’s existence,” said Amanda. “Spending three days with thousands of people who feel this way and want to help Israel is so energizing. It’s almost like being in Israel!”

AIPAC Policy Conference will take place March 4-6, 2018. Register for the Policy Conference here.

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