Choosing Joy



A Conversation with JWRP Sister Sharon Adam

A true believer in the importance of doing what makes you happy, JWRP sister Sharon Adam has devoted her life to teaching people how to do just that. Through the Adam Shalem Center, which means “complete person,” Sharon Adam provides a space in Israel for people to learn how to open their hearts, see the good in themselves and in others, and tap into what truly brings them joy. It’s clear that she has impacted her son, Omer Adam, who has chosen to embrace the joy that Shabbat gives him, declining the opportunity to perform at the 2019 Eurovision because rehearsals take place on Shabbat. In our conversation, Sharon shared her family’s reaction to her son’s decision, as well as her advice for welcoming more happiness into our lives.

What inspired you to experience MOMentum?

When I learned about MOMentum, it immediately resonated with me. I knew that the MOMentum Year-Long Journey would connect me to what I’m passionate about — inspiring women to love themselves and to love their Jewish heritage. Like me, the JWRP is focused on connecting hearts. It was a perfect fit.

What were MOMentum’s highlights?

Right before we visited the Kotel, I found myself dancing and singing with 600 Jewish women from around the world. Then, when many of the women touched the Kotel, they broke down in tears. They hadn’t expected to cry — but they did, and we continued to dance, hug, and pray together.

I am still actively involved with the JWRP Community in Israel, and I attend many of their programs in Tel Aviv. My experience on MOMentum inspired me to create a project at Adam Shalem, which brings together leaders from different organizations to connect and discuss how we can create more unity in Israeli society.

How did you and your family feel when your son decided not to perform at Eurovision?

My son has decided not to work on Shabbat. I believe that he knows his heart and that he is making the right decision for himself. It’s his choice and we support him fully. It’s a very powerful thing when you know something is right and you stand by it.

What does it mean to choose joy in life?

I grew up in a home that wasn’t very happy, and I often found myself crying. One day, while I was crying, I realized that I could either cry more or I could decide to live my life differently. I didn’t need to wait until I was in a good mood to play music and dance. Instead, I needed to do what made me happy — and then I would feel happy.

Happiness is a matter of choice. When you dance, you become a happier person. Don’t wait to feel happy in order to start doing what you love. Jewish wisdom teaches that it’s a mitzvah to be happy. So, do what you love and then you’ll be happy.

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