Bergen JWRP Heads for Israel Again!


On October 20, 19 Bergen County women will be gathered at Newark airport filled with trepidation and excitement. They are going to take a special trip with The Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), which was established in 2008. Their mission is to empower women to change the world through Jewish values that transform women, their families and communities.

The flagship program, T.A.G. (Transform and Grow) Trips to Israel, offers women a special gift: a highly-subsidized nine day action-packed trip to Israel. Women travel as a group, grow as a group, and continue their journey back to their communities as sisters, having shared an incredible experience together. They share a common vision of self-growth and personal development to reach their potential as Jewish women, wives, and mothers. To date, JWRP has brought 3,000 women to Israel from 60 cities and 12 countries.

The Bergen County group will join 200 women who are traveling with JWRP. For many, it is their first trip to Israel. Some have not been there since college. The majority are married with children under the age of 18. The hope is that they come back so excited and passionate about what they have experienced that they will inspire their families and communities to be more active in many aspects of Judaism. The missions to Israel are for mothers with little formal Jewish educational background. The women travel together, grow together and then journey back home to share their newly found Jewish connections with their family, friends and community.

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