Asher: From Richmond to our ancestral home


I just returned from an eight-day whirlwind visit to Israel. As part of the Jewish Women’s Renaissance Project (JWRP), through our charter organization Keneseth Beth Israel, a group of 12 strong and courageous Richmond women — from four different synagogues and varied levels of observance — traveled to Israel on a mission of some 300 women from across the world with the JWRP. Yes, right in the middle of Operation Protective Edge.

The JWRP enables thousands of Jewish mothers to travel to Israel annually, and, together with the Ministry for Jerusalem and Diaspora Affairs, hopes to double their numbers every year. The JWRP’s goal is to bring values back into the world, while fostering a true sense of Jewish sisterhood, a deeper connection to the land of Israel and a clear path for growth for each participant’s personal, family and community life.

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