Meet the first 10 JWRP Media Magnets

The Mom of MOMS
Familiar with the phrase, “What doesn’t kill you
makes you stronger”? Well that certainly applies
to this ‘media magnet’. She’s an award-winning
journalist, television producer and co-founder of
The MOMS ( In her words:
#FulltimeWorkingStayAtHomeMom &
#HappilyDivorced. She currently resides in New
York City with her two precious boys, Jaron and
Jaylan. Denise Albert is #FutureCancerSurvivor,
recently finishing her successful treatment, a time
she calls #MyBrEaSTyear!

Glitter Girls
Known for their masterfully clashing brazen sense
of style which saw them dubbed “human glitter” by
the New York Times, these are the outrageous
identical twins behind Beckerman Blog. Their
infectious energy and genuine passion for all things
stylish and beautiful has made them a fashion-force
on the street style scene. Respected and popular,
these two ‘media magnets’ enjoy a rampant
following, including celebrities, musicians and
fashion’s elite – we’re talking collaborations with
Kenzo, Disney, Apple, H&M, Versace, Chanel and

Named one of the “15 Most Powerful Moms in
Social Media” by Working Mother magazine, Ciaran
Blumenfeld is a creative entrepreneur and
publisher of the family lifestyle blog
She’s also the CEO and founder of, a social media analytics service
that offers valuable insights on the world of
hashtags. Her ‘momfluence’ skills have seen her
feature in Forbes, The New York Times and Fast
Company. When this ‘media magnet’ isn’t travelling
the globe in her free time, she’s home in Southern
California with her four kids, husband and
odd-eyed cat.

Señorita Media
A Venezuelan television and radio personality,
she has been captivating fans with her innate
talent for more than 20 years. Her Spanish flair
has seen her grace newsrooms as an anchor in
several national TV shows. In 2016, she founded
and launched Familia Perfecta, a multiplatform
project that seeks to highlight the values of family
in her – an initiative that has gained huge
following, success and support. Today, the
‘media magnet’ has her own radio show – “Al
Medio Con La Blum” – on radio station Existos

Parent Guru
Ever wondered why children don’t come with a
manual when they’re born? Well, they do – Melissa
Chapman. After years of penning the “Kids in the
City” column for the Staten Island Advance, she
began her blog:, where
she currently shares parenting tips and good
old-fashioned storytelling about life as a mom,
trying to juggle everyday life while keeping her kids
happy, and it seems she has. Her kids are both
active in NCSY and USY, and her blog currently
reaches over 75 000 readers per month, with her
social media networks averaging over 200 000

High-paws all-round
This ‘media magnet’ is an American author, reality
television personality and founder of pet-related
businesses, including Animal Fair magazine, Paws
for Style and Yappy Hour. For her charitable
efforts, Diamond was presented with the Ellis
Island Medal of Honor. She is also the founder of
Women’s Entrepreneurship Day. This
humanitarian, endangered animal and rescue
advocate was dubbed “the Martha Stewart of the
milk bone dish” by The New Yorker, and crowned
the “Canine Queen” by Forbes. “You can’t say no
to Wendy Diamond and her ‘do-the-right-thing’

Master of mum
She’s mastered the art of connecting with moms.
Her days of hosting MuchMusic in the 80s has
seen become one of Canada’s most recognisable
personalities. Author, speaker and CEO of Ehm &
Co, a digital marketing consultancy, and the
flagship digital publication,
(, this ‘media magnet’
has curated a confederation of hundreds of mom
influencers, content creators, and small
publishers across Canada, to create strategic
award-winning branded content and social
engagement. No matter how busy business gets,
Ehm always makes time for her two cool teens
and her rock ’n roll husband.

Social Media Oracle
This is a woman who puts your money where her
mouth is. She’s a go-getter, a thinker and a doer.
You’re looking at a marketing, communications,
public relations, branding and social media expert
with over 15 years’ experience. For the last 10
years, this ‘media magnet’ has created a
flourishing consultancy including marketing,
product strategy, social media outreach, public
relations strategy, philanthropy and social
responsibility programmes, partnerships and
writing. Some of her recent clients include the
United Nations Foundation, SheKnows, Cachet
Consulting and many more.

Doctor G-Whizz
This is the kind of doctor you want to visit.
Internationally respected parenting and youth
development expert, Deborah Gilboa, MD, is the
founder of, aka Dr G. This
‘media magnet’ is an industry-leading speaker,
author, social influencer and media personality.
She is a regular on NBC’s Today and appears on
numerous other local and national television talk
shows, including Good Morning America, Fox
News, and The Rachael Ray Show. As a television
personality, she gives straightforward advice to
bridge the gap between kids and adults. Dr G
speaks to audiences the world over, and is an
award-winning, board-certified family physician.
Her four sons range from ages nine to 15 years

The Mamarazzi
Not your average mommy. This ‘media magnet’
has toured America with former US President
Bush during the 2000 election, reporting for
MSNBC. She co-founded The MOMS and was
also founding partner in Moms & The City, which
later became a national US TV show, and she
created the first ever mom-focused town hall
series called Mamarazzi. She’s also enjoyed
some airtime with appearances on The Today
Show, Good Morning America, Fox News, CNN,
HLN and, most recently, The Big Idea at CNBC.
Today, Gerstein resides in New York City with her
husband Anthony and three children Elias, Lily
and Sydney Rose.