Women’s Trip Sample Itinerary

Day 1 - Monday in Israel's North

1:00 pm

Arrive in Israel

Welcome Home!

3:00 pm

Transfer to Israel's Beautiful North

Snacks Distributed, Money Changing Available

5:00 pm

Check in at the Leonardo Club Hotel - Tiberias

The Leonardo Club Hotel is in a fantastic location right on the waterfront of the Sea of Galilee.

7:00 pm


A class by your trip leader.

7:30 pm

Depart for Welcome Dinner

9:45 pm

Depart for Leonardo Tiberius

Day 2 - Tuesday in Tzfat

Morning Attire: Modest, Casual (Visiting Synagogues)

8:15 am

"The Kabbalah of Love"

A class by your trip leader, which explores the mystical and practical aspects of love and marriage.

10:00 am

Exploring Tzfat

Tzfat, perched on a mountaintop in the Upper Galilee is known as the mystical city of Israel and was home to many famous kabbalists and scholars.

11:00 am

Tour of Mikveh

Tour an ancient Mikveh and learn from women about finding power and purpose in this ancient practice.

4:00 pm

Depart for Tel Aviv

7:00 pm

Free evening and dinner on your own in Tel Aviv

Day 3 - Wednesday in Tel Aviv

Morning Attire: Modest, Casual
Evening Attire: Sweater/Wrap for Old City of Jerusalem - Bring your pashmina

8:15 am

Depart for Class

9:45 am

Beit Haaztumuat- Independence Hall

Independence Hall or known as Beit Haatzmaut is housed in one of Tel-Aviv’s first buildings, on the plot of land on which the drawing of lots took place in April 1909. On, May 14th, 1948, the day before the British Mandate in Palestine was to expire; members of the Provisional State Council assembled in the museum and declared the establishment of the State of Israel.

12:45 pm

Lunch in Tel Aviv

1:45 pm

Depart to Jerusalem

3:15 pm

Guided walk through the Jewish Quarter

4:30 pm

City pictures overlooking the Kotel

6:00 pm

Visit the Kotel, Western Wall

At this last remnant of the Holy Temple, and the holiest site on earth, your heart will see more than your eyes as you feel the prayers of thousands of years and millions of Jews. The Kotel is known as a place where the Divine Presence never leaves.

6:50 pm

Free evening/dinner on your own in Jerusalem

Day 4 - Thursday in Masada

Attire: Casual for Masada, Beachwear for the Dead Sea. We recommend not to bring any jewelry or valuables on this day.

8:30 am

Eretz Bereishit

Biblical hospitality, an opportunity to ride on camels and desert experience.
Naming Ceremony: If you don't have a Jewish name, take the opportunity to get one here, where you literally feel on top of the world.

11:00 am


2:15 am

Dead Sea

At the lowest point on earth, 1378 feet below sea level, enjoy floating in these healing mineral waters, and slathering on the much sought after mud from the Dead Sea. Enjoy and pamper yourself!

3:30 pm

Depart for Mechina program

Day 5 - Friday: Preparing for Shabbat

Evening Attire: Modest, Shabbat-Pretty
Evening Attire: Sweater/Wrap for Old City / Cool Evening

9:00 am

Discovering the Real You

Class by your trip leader.

11:00 am

Re-Claiming our Dignity: Women, Self Esteem and Beauty in the Glare of the Media

Class by your trip leader.

12:00 pm

Optional: Tour of Machane Yehuda Open Air Market

12:00 am

Time to Prepare for Shabbat

5:00 pm

Depart for Walk to Old City from Hotel Lobby

6:00 pm

Pre-Shabbat Concert

Enjoy a spiritual, musical concert to welcome in the Shabbat.

6:57 pm

Candle Lighting and Dancing at the Kotel (Western Wall)

Kabbalat Shabbat at the Kotel is a magical experience. Witness the throngs of Jews welcoming the Shabbat Queen with joy in song and dance.

8:15 pm

Shabbat Dinner

10:30 pm

Walk back to hotel

Day 6 - Saturday: Shabbat full of Hakarat Hatov - Gratitude

Morning Attire: Modest, Shabbat-Pretty
Evening Attire: Sweater or Wrap for Old City Cool Evening

10:00 am

Shabbat – Heaven on Earth, a Class with Rabbi Gavriel Friedman

We are a grateful people, and our prayers and rituals remind us to say “todah” (thank you). Shabbat reminds us to pause, take stock and say thank you for all the blessings in our lives.
Hotel BR Level

11:15 am

Parenting Class

A class on parenthood with your Trip Leader

12:30 am

Meet in Hotel Lobby to Walk to Your Shabbat Lunch Hosts

"Shabbat of a Lifetime״- Enjoy an authentic Jerusalem experience by joining local families for Shabbat lunch at the home of a host family

7:00 pm

Seudah Shlishit - Third Meal of Shabbat

9:00 pm

Free evening - Enjoy the Jerusalem nightlife

8:40 pm


9:30 pm

Free Evening

Enjoy the Jerusalem nightlife!

Day 7 - Sunday: Creating a Legacy

Attire: Casual

8:45 am

Yad Vashem - Israel's Holocaust Memorial

1:00 pm

Har Herzl


2:00 pm

Depart for Volunteer Experience

4:30 pm

Visit an army base

6:00 pm

Return to hotel/free time for dinner

7:45 pm

Depart for Israel Activism Session

Masa and Jerusalem U

3:00 pm

Tour of Masada

Visit this ancient mountaintop fortress in southeast Israel on the southwest shore of the Dead Sea. In A.D. 73, after a two-year siege, members of the Zealot Jewish movement committed mass suicide rather than surrender to the Romans.

Day 8 - Monday: Bringing it Home

Morning Attire: Casual
Afternoon Attire: Casual

8:00 am


Our last day together! How can we channel the growth and inspiration of the trip to impact ourselves, our families and our communities?

9:30 am

Letter to Myself

Women write letters to themselves about their trip experience and the goals that they have developed based on their journey. The JWRP mails the card from Israel 3 months later so that your home can be filled with momentum even after the trip has concluded.
Lobby of Aish Hatorah

10:15 am

The Art of Wisdom - Learning from Each Other

11:30 am

“Bringing It All Home”

How to share your inspiration with friends and family.

1:15 pm

Words from the Heart

Pamela Claman

1:40 pm

Partner Organization Meetings with Your Leaders

While you are immersed in the inspiration of Israel, meet with your own group to make plans for what you want to bring back home with you.

4:20 pm

Momentum Evening

The JWRP final event is filled with laughter, tears, dance, and celebration. Participants as well as leaders speak and enjoy a professional final video which recaps their experience in brilliant color.

8:15 pm

Depart Event for Ben Gurion Airport or Jerusalem

This is not goodbye, but “l’Hitraot”, see you again soon. A mission of memories is now yours. Bring it back, and come home again soon.