Unleashing Your Potential Today (by Marc Lor)


Charlie Harary started us off on the right foot with a mesmerizing talk of unleashing your potential 'today.' Afterwards, we headed straight north, all the way to Misgav Am. Arye, a resident, sat down with us for a conversation on the security situation.  His main point is Israel has the wherewithal to take care of herself and there is no need to ever worry. Then, we jumped on the bus and went to the holy city of Tzvat, where we had a chance to learn about the institution of the woman's mikvah.  At a woman's mikvah, Charlie, Lori Palatnik, Elisheva and a couple of Chasidic men spoke about the spiritual and marital benefits of the mikvah and observing the mitzvah of "taharat mishpecha".  Gaining the insights of both men and women visibly affected the group. This was one of the most impactful aspects of the trip thus far – so few of the men had ever considered the values of family purity came forward and stated that they had 'been changed' by visiting the mikvah.

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