Sharing Israel: Reflections From Israeli Trip Participant, Tali Versano Eisman


When guests come over, you make efforts to make everything look great. You arrange the house, put things in place, bake a cake, just to have this amazing scent, and finally place white cloth on the table with flowers on top. Dear Jewish mom's, just before you arrived, I had this urge to put white table cloth over our country, so that you'll think it's beautiful and maybe you’d choose to return with your families. But, I cannot hide the angry man on the street, the garbage piles in the sides of the road, the unpleasant news every round hour, and you know what? I'm looking at you and you don't judge and you don’t criticize. In your eye's I see only love. Like relatives that surprise you at the door and don’t care about the laundry piles in the living room. It seems like if you could you would start folding the laundry with us.

We are very excited to be ambassadors for our wonderful country. No need for a table cloth just a blue and white flag held with a proud.
This trip expended additional rooms in our hearts, if we would stay few more days, we would have a penthouse with eight rooms.

As Israelis:

We've been to Tsfat, but never in the Mikva with you.

We've been to Masada, but never in a lady naming ceremony.

We've been at the Kotel, but never on Friday night, dancing with solders.

We lived our lives in Israel but never felt surrounded with love like today.

We love you and we wish you all the best, 

Love, the Israeli moms

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