Participant Quotes


Women’s Trips

"Thank you… you are an inspiration. It is unbelievable that eight women made this happen and we are the beneficiaries of your dream."

"I think this was the greatest– and bravest– thing I have ever done. Who would have thought I had it in me?"

"When struggling with coming, my mother -n-law asked me if I wanted her advice.  I said 'no', and then had to leave the country."

 "Two Jews, three opinions, one heart."

"I came here to support Israel, but I now see that Israel is supporting me."


Mens Trips:

“Sometimes one day changes the way that you look at something for the rest of your life.”

"You can actually feel shabbat coming here.."

In our greatest tragedy, our seeds of hope are planted….

"We have become united."

“Thank You Lori for an AMAZING experience so far. Your life-changing program will have unbelievable effects on society. Kol HaKavod to you and your team.”

"Less than 48 hours in, and I think my life has changed."

"I see you are giving us the gift of opportunities. If I had come with my family, I wouldn't be on this army base.  Thank you for giving us opportunities."


Shoutouts from Ariel Siman Tov, JWRP Madrich

“The people of Israel were looking at you. They saw you walking around on Shabbat and sitting in Cafes in the city. They saw you walking through Tzfat and laughing in the Dead Sea. They saw Jewish women who say "No" to Terror and a large "YES" to supporting Israel. Seeing you made the Israelis feel safe. Yes, sounds funny right? Us feeling safe because of you? But yes, seeing and feeling your support makes any Soldier or any Israeli feel that he is being loved just because of the fact that he is here. Love has no boundaries- I am a true believer of that. It will get to you, It will get to you even if it takes coming from South Florida, Manhattan, or Boca, all the way to the Middle East, it will come, it will come to Israel.”

“Our discussions made me Wiser, I learned from you all. You all have gone through so much in your lives and there I was, feeling like a kid among women who've been through so much.”

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