My Sisters


By Ellen Tillem, Participant from Queens, NY

In October of 2010, my youngest daughter, who had just turned fifteen, was diagnosed with a very rare, hard to treat, pediatric cancer.  During her treatment, she came to know a number of observant young ladies who became her lifeline during that time.  While in treatment, these girls told her that when she was in remission, their organization would take her on a trip to Israel called "Wish At The Wall."  She was so excited about it and couldn't wait.  In November of 2011 my beautiful girl relapsed and became terminally ill.  For her, there would be no Wish At The Wall Trip.  She was devastated.  The trip had become her dream.  During her final months, some very generous and kind people tried to see if they could get her to Israel before she died.   At this point she simply wanted to get to the Kotel and to Eilat to swim with the dolphins.  Unfortunately, the trip was not to be.  Not long after she became nifter, I met Tova Begun and she offered me the chance to join her group on their inaugural trip.  I had very mixed feelings about it, but I saw this as a gift from G-d and as an opportunity to visit the Kotel in memory of my beautiful girl.  While on the trip, I visited the Kotel three times including making a special effort to be there at sunrise, each time praying for my daughter and my family.  While many tears were shed, I felt a certain peace as well.  The Queens JInspire group and JWRP gave me more than this trip.  They gave me sisters who have helped me through the most difficult days of my life.


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