My Journey for Meaning


By Jackie Beck, Participant from Long Island, NY

My name is Jackie Beck.  I’m a mom of 3 great kids. My oldest, Avery, who became a bat Mitzvah this past March, and my soon to be 12 year old  twins, Zachary and Skyar,  who each  emphatically  said to me, as we watched  and talked about the crisis in Israel, “ you must still go on your trip”. 

I grew up in a conservative and observant household; attended Hebrew school; was Bat Mitvah’d married a Jewish man,  did all the things that were  important to my family, not  always  quite sure it was important to me.

It was not until several years ago, when I joined my synagogue, enrolled my children in Hebrew school, and most recently when my daughter started her Bat Mitvah studies, did I  feel the  tremendous sense of community and  comfort of being with other Jewish families.

What I have come to understand  is  how a  person embraces being  a jew , connects spiritually and finds meaning, is personal..

This trip to Israel, will by my journey for meaning.

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