Belief Makes Reality (by Joel Evans)


Today started with Charlie telling us how belief makes reality, quoting many studies that illustrate the power of the mind over the body. We then ventured to Tsfat and explored the ancient city and old temples that are amazingly preserved. We were also treated to a rare private look at a women's mikvah, with a discussion led by Lori and Eli sheva, where the men were asked to come up with one word to describe what people should expect when they emerge from the mikvah experience.  We also ventured into a discussion about sex and how important that is in a Jewish relationship. With my wife coming here in less than two weeks, it was amazing to see what their mikvah experience is.

We then went and had our mikvah experience where we were cleansed and reborn spiritually. Myself and my fellow travelers were deeply moved by the experience. Between the soldiers yesterday and the mikvah today, in just two short days, I already am feeling more connected to my culture and can't wait to impart this on my family when I return.

After the mikvah, we enjoyed shopping and lunch in Tsfat. The education part of the day wrapped up at Kibbutz Misgav-Am on the Lebanon / Syria / Israel border, where we were briefed on the security situation. It's incredible to see how such a small state can create a peaceful and safe feeling for all Jews. Tomorrow, we head off to Jerusalem. I can't even imagine the transformation to come.


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