AWESOME (by Ron Bruck)


A few things resonated with me today. And, this is my maiden voyage to Israel. First, is the amazing skyline and beaches of Tel Aviv.  If most of what you've seen of Israel is from the news, you'd think it was a war-torn area and not a bustling city with cranes on every corner. However, this bustling city was quite impressive and seemed to rival a mixture of NYC (in density and skyscrapers) and South Beach.

The highlight of my day was visiting the Golani Army Base and speaking with a half dozen soldiers of the mighty Israeli army. One soldier in particular left a lasting impression for me. His name was Avi and he was from Skokie, Illinois. His parents relocated to Israel when he was 13. And, he's served one year of his three year term. He shared that he's waiting to hear what his next role in the army will be. What resonated most about Avi was he had no choice in what role he's assigned in the army and yet he seemed perfectly happy, and had a positive outlook on life. Avi's outlook seemed to lead right into Charlie Harary's "live awesome" theme.

When others ask me, 'how's it going?',  I almost always say 'I'm good.' But, why shouldn't it be AWESOME?  I have two amazing kids, and a wonderful wife of 23 years. What could be better than that?

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