A Prayer for Sending Our Children Back to School


Written by Gevura Davis, a JWRP City Leader and Jewish Educator based out of Philadelphia Pennsylvania. 

First days of the school year are such a mixed bag of emotions for me: elated for them to return to routine and yet nervous about what each new year can bring, with all of it's challenges. I am still not sure what's harder: homework, lunches, snacks, uniforms, and send off in the morning or kids home 24/7. This year is particularly emotional as I send my kids off to new schools in a new city. 

In Judaism, on momentous occasions we have a custom of reciting prayers so I decided to write one for this week, feel free to use if you feel the desire but can't find the right words.

A Mother's Prayer for the Start of a New School Year
Master of the Universe, please bless my children with a year of success. May they merit to grow spiritually, emotionally, academically, intellectually, and socially. May their teachers and peers cherish them with the same love, patience, understanding and forgiveness that we do. May they learn to respect others, respect themselves, and respect their school. May they be protected from all harm, from mean words, from ignoring backs, and judgmental stares. May they be included and include others. May they learn many subjects including the important values of kindness and morality. May their minds expand to absorb new information, ideas, and concepts. 

May we, their parents, have the courage to speak up on their behalf when necessary, and the strength to hold our tongues and accept their challenges with grace when appropriate, no matter how painful it is for us. And please, Almighty G-d, help this year be a stepping stone, a time that helps us work towards achieving our goals of raising children who have abundant love and awe of You and Your teachings, children who are kind, smart, virtuous, caring, who have a strong capacity to give and receive love, who have strong character, and who love Judaism. May they merit to find their place among our people as lamplighters to the world, working towards the ultimate goal of helping move the world towards a time of lasting peace, please may it be in our days.

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